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Vision & Mission

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Universal Cellular Engineering

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to become a world-class telecommunications engineering solutions provider and a globally recognized market and brand leader in RF planning optimization, integration, commissioning, and installation of RF equipment.

We are dedicated to improving its clients' efficiencies, increasing quality and reducing operational costs for cellular network operators. It achieves this through a 5-prong mission philosophy:


Providing the right kind of resources to meet clients' expectations;


Providing the highest standard of service quality and meeting stringent KPIs, as well as being responsive to both internal operations and customers' needs;


Providing the most efficient services in the most cost-effective way possible;


To develop, motivate, and retain a diverse workforce within a supportive working environment and to be in the forefront of technology through training and sharing knowledge;


To achieve profitable growth through excellent customer service and commitment.

Corporate Philosophy

Besides these mission goals, UCE believes in working hard but at the same time keeping it fun. Its founders believe in a win-win scenario for both staff and management as they believe in fair treatment and being rewarded for innovation because it recognizes that its people are its best assets, and as such, are well rewarded.

As we are the services based company, the customers' satisfaction are always our No 1 priority. Since our birth in 1998, we have been setting out to patiently understand what our customers need and how to align our resources to meet that need. Ensuring a nurturing and supportive working environment for our workforce forms the basis of our corporate philosophy. We believe if we value our employees they will prioritize our customers.