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About UCE

UCE is a world-class provider of telecommunication engineering services. We enable global telecom vendors and operators to establish leadership positions in their respective markets. Our cost-effective business model focuses on providing end-to-end engineering services that help telecom vendors and operators design, implement and manage complex cellular networks. In short, our expertise makes the deployment of a large cellular network affordable and manageable for our customers.

The company began as an innovative start-up from a two-man operation growing to over 500 presently. Its corporate office is located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since its modest inception, the company grew fast to have leading positions in six countries in APAC region

What Makes UCE Unique?

Highly Specialized Skills

UCE's management has diverse and highly honed skills in the cellular engineering business. Collectively, it has over 30 years of hands-on experience in the fields of network design, network optimization, project and general management, commissioning, integration and installation.

Customer Focused

UCE's specialized skills enable it to appreciate what customers want out of its services. Staffed by experienced RF engineers, UCE understands what is needed to serve mobile network operators, which translates to greater customer service satisfaction.

Diversified Range of Services

UCE offers a diverse portfolio of services spanning wireless network design, planning and network optimization, wireless site preparation, wireless network operation and maintenance, wireless network installation, fiber ISP and OSP, commission, installation and testing.