Network Rollout Services

Network Rollout Services


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Area Survey & Site Acquisition

UCE acquisition team performs preliminary survey and nominates a few potential sites which can meet the requirement of the RF Design, Implementation Design and Leasing Budget. With the shortlisted candidates, The RF, Transmission and Installation engineers perform the detailed technical site survey to select the final candidate. UCE site acquisition team will later carry out the final site lease negotiation, legal and building permit execution on the site.

Technical Site Survey

The technical site survey will determine the CME Requirement and finalizing RF, Transmission link and equipment installation Requirement at the site. All accurate measurements will be undertaken by UCE expertise and reports generated for CME Works, RF parameterization and installation purposes.

Site Construction & Preparation

Once the site and its necessary permits are acquired, the site construction will start. Tower installation, cabin, cable tray and other M&E work will be done according to the CME Detailed Design Report.

RF & Transmission Design

UCE Engineers will determine RF parameters and transmission based on the result of the technical site survey. This includes the work such as frequency planning, neighbor planning, code planning, antenna tilt, azimuth requirement, IP planning and capacity requirement.

Equipment Installation, Test & Commissioning and Integration

These activities include equipment storage, transportation, installation, packaging, commissioning and integration.

Site Pre-launched Optimization

Network Pre-Launched Optimization is to identify any implementation defects such as swapped feeder cables, wrong antenna azimuth, wrongly defined neighbors or frequency. Making sure the voice call and data calls can be triggered before activating it commercially.