UCE specializes in a complete set of engineering services ranging from new site acquisition, new site CME design, RF design, optimization, installation, node integration to site maintenance. Since 2000, UCE has been performing consultation, rollout and maintenance services to Network Operators and Vendors. With more than 2 million man hours on Network Optimization alone makes UCE as one of the leading players in this region.

Our uniqueness and success are mainly based on understanding customer requirement, the hand-on experience of management team and diversified range of services which simplify the coordination work from Network Operation.

Our Services are grouped into 3 main primary segments. Each segment will be further divided into different sub services which can be offered to Customer separately.

Our Services Include:

Network Rollout Services

Area Survey and Site Acquisition
Technical Site Survey
Site Construction and Preparation
Site RF and Transmission Design
Site Equipment Installation
Site Pre-Launched Optimization
Fiber Network Engineering

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Network Managed Services

Network Surveillance Services
On Site Field Maintenance
Network Continuous Optimization

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Network Consultation Services

Network Audit
Network Benchmarking
Rollout Project Management

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Fiber Network Engineering Services

Inside Plant Engineering Services (ISP)
Outside Plant Engineering Services (ISP)

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Training & Learning Services

UCE's training & learning services that have been designed to help network operators and engineering services providers to increase the skills of their workforce,...

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