We are the end-to-end engineering solutions provider for Telecommunications and Business Industries

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    Network Rollout Services
    UCE ensures every service will result in good quality deliverables
    We provide the expertise to speed up your network deployment and
    provide on-job training and know-how knowledge transfer to your engineers.
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    Network Optimization Services
    2G / 3G / HSPA / LTE
    A mature network with traffics growing explosively requires detailed analysis and long term strategy planning.
    UCE will audit the network from a technical aspect to market analysis to provide a sound long term network
    expansion strategy.
  • Fiber Network Design & Engineering Services
    Inside & Outside Plant Engineering (ISP)
    ISP Engineering Services include engineering a path of construction and cable route
    within telephone facilities, high rise buildings, commercial buildings, hotels, hospitals,
    universities, residential areas and shopping complexes.
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    Training & Learning Services
    UCE ensures every service will result in good quality deliverables
    UCE's training & learning services that have been designed to help network operators
    and engineering services providers to increase the skills of their workforce,
    enhance their efficiency, reduce their operation costs and increase their operating profit.
  • Core Business

    UCE has been transformed into a regional powerhouse with its core business focused on telecommunications.

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    Our people are the 'building blocks' of our business and the international diversity allows UCE to be the success it is today.

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    UCE International is committed to being a responsible business and our environment is driven by our corporate values.

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Welcome to UCE International Group

In the Telecommunication Industry, the technologies are changing too rapidly and as a result, methods for dealing with these changes are also emerging rapidly. Coupled with the burgeoning demands of smartphones and mobile data, the network operators are being subjected to all kinds of pressure to meet these requirements.

To ensure the greatest return to investors, the network operators are constantly looking to lower operation expenditures. They will always leverage and outsource the engineering works to professional technology services firms to complement their product offerings. The outsourcing strategy not only provides higher returns for the organization but also ensures higher efficiency to achieve its objectives and product offering deadline.


The Management believes in working hard but keeping it fun. The founder believe in a win-win scenario for both staff and management as they believe in fair treatment and being rewarded for innovation because it recognizes that its people are its best assets, and as such, are well rewarded.


As a innovative and forward-thinking company, UCE has a flat management structure preferring to keep its staff together like a close-knit family. Apart from selecting people based on the best skills set, UCE looks out for people with enthusiasm, keenness in learning and a critical ability to think. More...